Plan Administration

The services we perform will complement those offered by your custodian and other professional advisors. We prepare a checklist of all services required to administer a plan to be sure every item is being handled. Services generally are divided into the following categories:

  • Participant Enrollment
  • Allocation Of Employer Contributions And Forfeitures
  • Investment Computation and Allocation
  • Annual Reconciliation of Assets, including contributions and distributions
  • Discrimination Testing (401k, 410b, 401a4, top heavy)
  • Contribution Limits
  • Loan Processing and Loan Administration
  • Distribution Processing
  • QDRO Review and Processing
  • Participant Reporting
  • Government Reporting (Form 5500, 1099R, 945)

We prepare a signature-ready Form 5500 (the annual tax return required to be filed with the Department of Labor). Additionally, we’ll prepare Forms 1099R and 945 as needed.

Prior to mailing the administrative and participant reports to you, the report is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. We’ll bring issues and potential problems to your attention, offering solutions as appropriate.