Trustee/Fiduciary Consulting
JM Pension Advisory, Inc. is not affiliated with any investment company or financial advisor. We do not sell any investment product. Because we are objective, we have been engaged as consultants on matters such as:

  • Custodian search and analysis for your retirement plan
  • Service provider fee analysis
  • Fiduciary support
  • Fiduciary training
  • Review of potential prohibited transactions or plan errors

Special Administrative Services
Sometimes, non routine matters occur that require special assistance and review. Examples include:

  • Plan Terminations
  • Partial Plan Termination Analysis
  • Company Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Control Group and Affiliated Service Issues

Client Need
Our client sponsored a plan comprised of 45 participants and over $2 million in assets. They were unhappy with the plan custodian and wanted to explore other options. Their financial advisor submitted three proposals for consideration. Each proposal appeared to offer the same services, identical mutual funds, and similar pricing. So how would our client begin to evaluate which custodian best fit their needs and the needs of their employees?

Our Solution
To ensure that our client satisfied their fiduciary obligations, we were asked to attend presentations by the custodians, review the custodian data and materials, analyze pricing, interview references, summarize our findings in an easy-to-follow matrix form, and suggest a replacement.